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    Sculpting is a process! This beauty lost 3 inches her first session! You can see the definition in her waist and the firming around her navel. With treatment combined with our nutrition coaching and products, she will meet her goals in the next few months!
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    This beauty lost 3.5 inches her first session and went home in our FREE detox wrap!
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    Look at that new curve on her lower back! These are results after 1 Ultimate Sculpt Session.
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    This beauty lost 4 inches in ONE session! Look at how much her abdomen flattened out! She had the Ultimate Sculpt which includes Lipo-Cavitation, Vacuum therapy and a Firming Treatment!
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    Sick of your Dad bod?! We sculpt men too! This gentleman lost 2.5 inches in his first Express Firming session. These were his results in less than 30 mins!
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    The right side of her buttocks has undergone our Sculpt Booty Enhancement Therapy! Can you tell the amazing difference after 20 mins of Therapy?!
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    4 inches down in one session!
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